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Motivating the Community through Classes, Seminars, & Internships

Going beyond our etiquette and personal development classes for youth, Urban Bridges Inc. has much more to offer the Portland, Oregon community. Read about the additional offerings from our urban youth program, including motivational speaking and college internships.

Adult Classes

We believe that in so many situations, life gets too comfortable and we as adults forget many of the skills that are required of us to be successful leaders and role models. When this happens, we need a refresher course to boost one's confidence and self-esteem. 

Motivational Speaking & Seminars

Urban Bridges Inc. helps encourage good values and personal presentation through motivational speaking. Seminars are also offered for children and adults in-house (at Urban Bridges Inc.) or on location. We are available to speak or give seminars for the following groups:

Personal/Private Groups | Church Groups | School Groups | Pageants | Modeling Groups | Business Groups | Special Occasions & Events

Microphone and Laptop Being Used in a Seminar

College Internship Program

Urban Bridges Inc. offers local colleges unpaid college internship hours that are required for their graduation. We currently work with Portland State’s criminal justice graduates and have worked with Cascade College and Mt. Hood Community College.

Community Service Hours

For youth who have gotten into trouble with the justice system, Urban Bridges Inc. offers community service hours that are required by their sentencing judge. We work with them so they will not re-enter the justice system.