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Changing Lives with Valuable Personal Skills & Etiquette Classes

Making an impact in the lives of young people is the goal of Urban Bridges Inc., based in Portland, Oregon. Our nonprofit youth organization teaches image enhancement, etiquette classes, social protocol skills, and personal development skills. Our purpose is to equip and empower all children for maximum success through our specialized educational program. We truly believe your participants will love the classes we offer. 

How Our Program Works

When you come to our facility, your child will be well cared for and personally counseled. Our classes feature 10 or fewer students, providing an intimate setting for learning. At the end, our graduation program lets parents see everything the child has learned from beginning to end.


Skills We Teach

Putting life and job skills into practice, we teach valuable lessons that show young people how to change their behavior and apply it to other aspects of life as a productive adult. A typical class is fun, interactive, upbeat, and educational. Subjects we teach include the following:

• Effectively Dealing With Peer Pressure
• Respecting Yourself & Others
• Interpersonal Relationships Skills
• Getting Along With Others
• Personal Presentation Skills
• Keys to Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking
• Meet & Greet
• Dressing for Success
• Writing a Professional Resume
• Successful Job Interviewing Skills
• Social Etiquette & Table Manners
• Acting Like a Young Lady or a Gentleman
• Leadership Skills
• Confidence Building Skills
• Stomping Out Bullying
• Self-Esteem Building Skills That Will Last a Lifetime

The Power of Manners

No matter who you are, what you do, when, where you are, and why you are there (what we call the 5 Ws), manners, respect, and leadership skills are a pre-requisite to success! Our goal is to give your child the ability to make an impression without having to say a word, all because of our training. Knowing how to carry yourself in a variety of settings can become your greatest and most valuable asset. No matter who you are or what you do, manners and leadership skills are a prerequisite to success.

Expected Results

After learning the personal development skills offered, children, teens, and young adults will be able to “make an impression without having to say a word” all because of the training they will receive. Ask about our internship program for students with 100% attendance upon graduation who have the desire to become peer mentors and leaders. Through our programs, students gain:

• Improved Personal Confidence & Self-Esteem
• Positive Personal Behavior
• Improved Leadership Skills
• Ability to Confront Challenges Appropriately with Respect to Others & Anger Control
• Building Blocks for Greater Levels of Success

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